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Looking to treat your team to a moment of ease & relief?

Get them excited about coming to work! For estimates, e-mail us at:

Corporate: Products

Massage Package

Duration : 3 hours

Cost: $265 +tx

+ Travel fee is included
+ Full payment is required to confirm reservation
+ 10-30 minutes per person
+ 2-3 min buffer between each
+ Massages are over clothing


Stretch & Awareness Class

Duration: 75 minutes

Cost: 190$ +tx

+ In-person & virtual
+ Limited to 12 people
+ Members must bring own mat
+ Travel fee is included


Introduction to Massage with Ugnayan

Duration : 6h

Cost: $320 +tx

+ Topics include:

Anatomy, Posture Analysis, Contraindications, Therapeutic touch, Intro to kinesitherapy, Intro to craniosacral therapy, Full-body stretch and massage techniques

+ Limited to 4 people per group*

+ Includes two 15-minute breaks + 1h lunch

+ Members must bring a mat/blanket

+ Reading materials included

+ Travel fee is included

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