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In community, all members must recognize their value & worth because they transform and move together. Their gatherings anchor shared visions, teach spiritual connection, provides an outlet, and supports transformation. We believe that being of service to each other is an act of self-care.

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Sacred Sunday Gatherings

Sacred Sunday is an annual event where entrepreneurs, professionals and creatives around me gather in the spirit of communal growth, celebration & learning.  Together, we're developing our pakikipagkapwa by holding a safe space for each other and seeing ourselves in the other, where guests connect through food, prayer, and discussion on relevant topics.

Week-End Silent Retreats

These 4 day Silent Retreats are meant to offer guests a space to detox, decompress, declutter and heal with community - mentally, physically, and spiritually. These events are organized purposely around the end of the fall and the end of winter, as we transition in to and out of a period of high emotion, high expenses, low sunlight and low movement. Our silence include food, books, a stationery, journaling prompts, massages, energy work, stretch classes & sharing circles.

Millennial Fil-Can Stories

Montrealers of Filipino descent sharing their experiences on identity, migration, views, and aspirations. The purpose of this project is to help other Filipinos relate to their experiences and develop a deeper sense of belonging and/or understanding. Watch interviews on my Youtube channel here.

Introduction to Massage with Ugnayan

Learn how to release tension and explore different massage tools to help delay or avoid arthritis. You will be guided through stretches, poses, self-massage techniques and breath work. Sessions begin with a salutation honoring the sacred elements and the ancestors that operate in peace, harmony and light.

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