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Desiree Raquepo

Specialized massage therapist & Hilot practitioner.

Eager to inspire, Desiree offers a space dedicated to exploration, observation, and the practice of self-healing.

Désireuse d’inspirer les jeunes, elle offre un espace dédié à l'exploration, à l’observation, et à la pratique d'auto-guérison.

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Through my practice, content and curated spaces, I offer you love.

Through my practice, we can be space, we can be warmth, we can be healing, cleansing, protective, expansif & amplifying. Choosing to uphold ancestral values keep me grounded, rooted, optimistic and expansive. I get to be with the past, the present, and the future at the same time. I get to play with water, earth, air and fire - with light, colors, texture, sound, and scents.  I can be space, I can be warmth, I can be healing, cleansing, protective, invasive & amplifying.

I began my massage journey while working as an esthetician doing skin care, nail care, and hair removal. At the time, I was asked to give some of the relaxing massages where I worked because it was similar to giving body wraps and scrubs. It was after my third client or so, I knew I wanted to dedicate myself in massage. At the time, I was already fascinated with the vast universe of holistic medicine, so this was my ticket in. Each body is a universe in itself: it has different timelines, experiences, comforts, strengths & weaknesses. 

After my first 400 hours of training, I was excited to share my skills with my elders and the elders of immigrant families of color because I knew and understand the struggles of their hard labor. But it was only in 2019 when I discovered traditional Filipino medicine and the Filipino North American diaspora. That's when I really began my healing with being Filipino and society. My massage journey has given me SO much, and I want to share that magic with as many people as I can. 

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Ugnayan Pratiques Holistique rassemble plusieurs soins alternatives tels que la kinésithérapie, la thérapie craniosacrée, la médecine traditionnelle Philippine, et l'organisation évènementiels. Son nom Philippine se traduit en 'corrélation, relation, et lien', car notre philosophie reconnaît que tout est interconnecté.

Notre mandat est de sensibiliser le public sur les sentiments corporels physiques tels que dans la respiration, l’étirement, la manipulation musculaire, les amplitudes de mouvements, et ressentir

les différents niveaux du corps.

C'est depuis 2019, qu’on a commencé à réaliser des discussions de groupes dans le but de réunir, développer et soinger sa communauté. Les thèmes des rassemblements gravitent autour de les soins alternatives, la cérémonie, l’identité, l’entrepreneuriat, et les relations interpersonnelles. 

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