Desiree Raquepo

Specialized massage therapist, esthetician & Hilot practitioner

Member of le Réseau des Massothérapeutes Professionnels du Québec #14-1446


Through my practice, content and curated spaces, I offer you healing.

Through my practice, we can be space, we can be warmth, we can be healing, cleansing, protective, expansif & amplifying. Choosing to uphold ancestral values keep me grounded, rooted, optimistic and expansive. I get to be with the past, the present, and the future at the same time.

 I get to play with water, erath, air and fire. With light, colors, texture, sound, and scents. I get to be an artist, researcher, dancer, healer, poet, visionary, a builder, gatherer, hunter, a student, leader and follower.